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Archblock Launches New Fiat-Backed Stablecoin, 1USD

Archblock Launches New Fi...

Archblock Stablecoins is excited to announce the launch of a new fiat-backed stablecoin, 1USD. Anchored to the US Dollar, the stablecoin stands as a testament to Archblock’s technology, which is revolutionizing the exchange medium, offering frictionless and secure transactions across borders and empowering seamless global commerce. Renaissance Ambition AG, a subsidiary of Archblock, is the issuer of 1USD and the stablecoin will initially be available on Ethereum and Aleph Zero.
Damex and Poundtoken launch 1GBP utilizing the technology of the Archblock Stablecoins Issuance Platform

Damex and Poundtoken laun...

Archblock is excited to support the issuance of the fiat-backed stablecoin, 1GBP. Damex and Poundtoken have partnered to relaunch GBPT as 1GBP, using the technology of Archblock’s Stablecoins Issuance Platform. Archblock offers the technical and operational foundation for its customers to build private labeled stablecoins. 1GBP represents the first in a series of international fiat-backed stablecoins that Damex, Poundtoken, and their supporting partners plan to launch.

Navigating the New Web3 E...

In a landscape where technology reshapes traditional finance, we are witnessing a pivotal change led by web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi) systems.
Web3DeFiStablecoinsBitcoin ETFs

Centi Closes Seed Financi...

Centi is proud to announce the successful completion of its seed financing round led by Archblock and Bloomhaus Ventures with continued investments from existing shareholders and founders. Recognized for its proficiency in processing transactions as small as a cent, Centi is poised for global expansion of its blockchain-based micropayment solutions and an increased footprint in promoting financial inclusion.
Financial InclusionBlockchainFintech

Unlocking the Potential o...

Among the diverse range of digital assets, stablecoins have emerged as a critical component, bridging the gap between the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the stability of fiat currencies like the US dollar.
StablecoinsDigital EconomyCryptocurrencies

Archblock Announces Rebra...

Following a recent marketplace update, Archblock Stablecoins will serve as the foundation for the next generation of finance, built upon transparency, compliance and efficiency
StablecoinsFiat-Backed StablecoinsBlockchain
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