Archblock for Managers

The most powerful end-to-end solution to help you launch, fundraise, and manage your portfolio all in one place.

Welcome to Archblock for Managers

Archblock for Managers offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help fund managers
create, raise, and manage private funds digitally on blockchain.

Manage funds more efficiently

Access a suite of tools for digital fundraising and ongoing management, connected to a marketplace for raising capital and *secondary trading of fund interests.

Automate manual processes

Leverage our blockchain-powered technology to streamline manual processes, freeing up time, and resources for fund managers to focus on what they do best.

Streamline the investor experience

Offer your investors a seamless investment experience with an all-in-one platform for compliant LP onboarding, investment, reporting, and more.

Access to secondary marketplace

Offer more to your LPs and expand the eligible investor base for previously illiquid strategies with a blockchain-enabled marketplace for secondary trading of fund interests with our partner Oasis Pro Markets.

coming soon
Why launch your portfolio with Archblock

Bring your financing on-chain to streamline operations, lower costs, and tap global liquidity, all while maintaining nuanced control over your portfolio. For guidance and portfolio services, Archblock is ready to help.

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