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Who we are

Our team has been present in the blockchain community since 2013. When we realized that the time had come to build a blockchain company, we created EthWorks - the place with a genuinely remarkable team to be hired for various projects. Making a decision on
opening a new company's chapter, in 2021 we were acquired by Archblock (formerly TrustToken).

From that point on, we focus on building an alternative investment marketplace, helping forward-thinking asset managers to tokenize their investment offerings. Along with creating a transparent and efficient asset management platform, we develop a suite of stablecoins, providing hundreds of financial institutions the ability to transact seamlessly in digital assets with confidence in their value.

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We've been fortunate to work with some of the most noble brands in the blockchain industry. We've contributed to many exciting projects and built some of our own. Take a look at the examples below.

We've been fortunate to work with some of the most noble brands in the blockchain industry. We've contributed to many exciting projects and built some of our own. Take a look at the examples below.


Design, Development


Design, Development, Smart Contracts


Design, Front-end

Atomic Fund

Design, Front-end

Why you can trust us

Natalia has an extremely good taste when it comes to merging UX and UI. She’s capable of delivering at an incredible pace, yet keeping the quality of her work high. She understands crypto, which makes working with her even better!

Testimonials client headshot

Luis Cuende

CEO at Aragon

We came into the project with very high expectations, and Archblock delivered.

Testimonials client headshot

Yazin Alirhayim

Founder & CEO at Verify

Working with Natalia has been such a smooth and easy experience as it can be. Natalia produced exceptional design work that is an integral part of our users' experiences with our product and brand, and applied a level of personal touch, detail, and polish that we've rarely seen with other designers. We look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her services.

Testimonials client headshot

Nadav Hollander

Co-Founder & CEO at Dharma

Engineers with solid understanding and skills in blockchain development. A blockchain-oriented team culture with an extended involvement in the open-source development of the Ethereum community which further solidifies their expertise on the subject. But most importantly, the team demonstrated numerous times that they truly care about the projects they work on by going above and beyond to solve problems, providing recommendations and writing well-tested and scalable codes.

Testimonials client headshot

Peter He

Lead Developer at ContractLand

The designs you provided look fantastic! Looks extremely polished!

Testimonials client headshot

Dondrey Taylor

Founder of DNN

Archblock provided high-quality coding to create a more intuitive experience for our investors.

Testimonials client headshot

Kenzo Tominaga

CEO at Atomic Fund

Thank you Marek for a great workshop! I didn’t know the blockchain could be taught in such an interesting way. Makes you wonder.

Testimonials client headshot

Pawel Stezycki

Research Manager in R&D Dep. at Citi

We've been working with Natalia on early concepts and wireframes for a Userfeeds based app. Her input was invaluable and I'd recommend Natalia to any Ethereum project looking for a UX designer.

Testimonials client headshot

Maciej Olpinski

Co-founder of Userfeeds

Great team to work with, reliable and helpful when needed. Dedicated to do their best and help us as needed.

Testimonials client headshot

Vlad Triffa

Head of Engineering at Ambrosus Technologies GmbH

As a veteran of offshore software development (15+ years), I can say that Archblock is one the most comfortable teams I've had a chance to work with. Reliability, transparency, TDD, technical expertise. It would not be fair to ask for more!

Testimonials client headshot

Alain Prasquier

CTO at Revelator Ltd.

The Archblock team was a pleasure to work with and exceeded all expectations. Truly the right team for any blockchain project.

Testimonials client headshot

Mark Gosha

Product Consultant at Trade Connect Limited

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